Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tenison Growing

During the 1880s, America started to find out that many Radical Labor Movements started to rise. The attitude towards Unions, and labor reform for the majority of American Nativist, (Who were Anglo-Americans, or those who came from a northwestern European background) was very different from our current Society. Though unskilled workers (Who were usually southern European immigrants) were meet by harsh working conditions, and unreasonable work days, It appeared to be that the Nativist did not sympathize. This is the Reason why labor unions started to come into existence.

For the most part, Labor Unions pushed for workplace reform, and humane treatment to workers from Labor manager. However, Big Industries had a large amount of control and freedom during the 1880s. Many business practices, even though ethically wrong, were still allowed. The Government tired their best to control these Companies, by passing acts and Laws (i.e. The Sherman Antitrust Act) but the industries power was so large that in some cases, it reviled the governments on power.

Labor Unions were many, but very few succeed. The Knights Of labor was a Very Large American Labor Organization that was loose about their membership requirements only disallowing highly skilled workers from joining. Another large group was the American Federation of labor, or commonly known as the AFL; founded by Samuel Gompers. Unlike the Knights of Labor who were a Labor Organization,The AFL was a group of separate unions. Also, the AFL was more strict about their membership. Disallowing Women, and African Americans, the AFL wanted only high skilled workers unions to join for the most part.

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